Exploring Quantum Entanglement Distillation

EE376A (Winter 2019)

Sean Mullane, Sahil Nayyar, and Liang Xu

Hello there! For our project, we explored an important part of quantum information theory called entanglement distillation. We wrote up a fairly detailed report outlining what we learned, including a primer on quantum computing for those who might be unfamiliar. We hope you enjoy! To read, check out the file 376A_Final_Post.pdf on our GitHub: https://github.com/seandiscovery/entanglement-distillation-sim

Outreach Activity

For our outreach activity, the goal was to give the kids a taste of quantum physics. We were especially interested in conveying the concept of an atom, as this is so fundamental to how humanity has approached physics in the past 200 years. You can see our posters below; the first poster has a simple explanation of an atom that we were able to get across to most kids. The second poster, which has a very simple explanation of quantum entanglement, was a little less successful; although many kids had heard of atoms, and were able to engage in a discussion about what they were, most lost interest before we could talk about entanglement! Fortunately, most of the kids (and parents!) were still very interested, and we had some very lively discussions (see photos below).

Our first poster, attempting to convey the basic idea of an atom… I think the title may have scared off some kids, and some parents too!
Our second poster, attempting a simple explanation of entanglement. We unfortunately didn’t have an opportunity to talk about this much, but it was still fun to think about how to explain it!
Sean (blue shirt, front) talking about atoms with some very interested elementary schoolers!

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