Instructions on Writing Blogs


For those who enroll in the course EE376A, you will deliver your final project in the blog format here. Your blog should be a self-contained report summarizing your project, including motivation, introduction, main results/outcomes, and proper details & references. Your blog may be organized in any way – but make sure that your classmates (who may have little background on your specific topic of the blog) can understand your blog and clearly see what you did! 

A few remarks are in order:

  1. Authors: Please indicate in your blog all your group members as the authors;
  2. Category and tag: In the “Settings” icon, please add “Blog” as the category and “EE376A (Winter 2019)” as the tag of your blog;
  3. Attachment: For files and images, you are encouraged to upload your source files to your blog. If you’d like to share a link, please make sure that this is a permanent link so that it can still be visited years later (e.g., your Stanford spaces may expire after you graduate). For video attachment, please upload it to Youtube (or any other platforms) first and share the link here. For projects involving computer programming, you do not need to upload your source codes, although feel free to share a link to your GitHub repo.
  4. Final report: It is not mandatory to formally write a final report; a blog here is enough. However, if you would like to write a report, you may attach the pdf file here and briefly summarize its contents in your blog.
  5. Outreach event: Please include in your blog a brief summary on your group activity during the outreach event, possibly with some photos. 
  6. Publish: Please publish your blog before the project deadline (midnight on March 24, 2019). Also remember to publish publicly so that other groups may see and comment on your blog.

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